Free Wheeling With Loop and Lou Podcast

Messianic Judaism
Listen 2-11-2022

Capitalism = Materialism
Listen 1-19-2022

The Sufficiency of The Gospel
Listen 1-12-2022

Peace On Earth
Listen 12-15-2021

Unto Us a Child Is Born
Listen 12-2-2021

Halloween Special
Listen 11-1-2021

The Billionaire Space Race
Listen 10-6-2021

Religious Exemption
Listen 9-30-2021

Gospel Issues
Listen 9-14-2021

Harvard's Humanist Chaplain
Listen 9-8-2021

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill
Listen 8-26-2021

Happier With Joy
Listen 8-17-2021

Authentic Christianity
Listen 7-28-2021

GA Big Gulp
Listen 7-1-2021

We Are Sangry and Frynical
Listen 5-19-2021

Free Wheeling Day!
Listen 5-5-2021

We're Back With More Beth Moore
Listen 4-15-2021

Religious Liberty
Listen 3-23-2021

Celebrity Christians (Part 2)
Listen 2-26-2021

Celebrity Christians (Part 1)
Listen 2-17-2021

How Culture Impacts Us
Listen 1-25-2021

Listen 1-4-2021

Advent Series - Discerning The Times!
Listen 12-14-2020

The Real Gift For Advent
Listen 12-4-2020

Listen 11-25-2020

The Christian and Politics (Part 4)
Listen 11-10-2020

The Christian and Politics (Part 3)
Listen 10-26-2020

The Christian and Politics (Part 2)
Listen 10-13-2020

The Christian and Politics (Part 1)
Listen 10-8-2020

October 2,2020
Listen 10-2-2020

Hurricane If Issues
Listen 9-24-2020

Turn Off The Lights
Listen 9-1-2020

All Over The Place
Listen 8-25-2020

Burning Down The House?
Listen 8-11-2020

Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Everywhere Conspiracy
Listen 7-28-2020

Mask Up and More
Listen 7-22-2020

There Goes Worship?
Listen 7-15-2020

Worship The Lord All The Peoples
Listen 7-7-2020

Supreme Court and Supreme Ministry
Listen 7-1-2020

So Much To Say
Listen 6-24-2020

Contra Mundum
Listen 6-16-2020

Let's Talk About Race!
Listen 6-12-2020

No Bride Bashing
Listen 5-26-2020

My Fears Release
Listen 5-19-2020

The Profund Profundity Of Profoundness
Listen 5-12-2020

Back To Church. Are We There Yet?
Listen 5-5-2020

Covid-19 Got Me Feeling Emotions
Listen 4-28-2020

A Little Bit of Everything - Covid-19 Edition
Listen 4-21-2020

Locked Up For Your Faith?
Listen 3-31-2020

Covid-19 'Nough Said!
Listen 3-24-2020

I'm More Confused Than When We Started
Listen 2-18-2020

Wading Into Uncharted Waters
Listen 2-13-2020

What Annoys You
Listen 2-4-2020

Mamba Out - Is Kobe Bryant Resting In Peace
Listen 1-29-2020

Football and Food
Listen 1-22-2020

To Leave or Not To Leave
Listen 1-14-2020

Ricky Gervais, Signs and Wonders
Listen 1-7-2020

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas
Listen 12-10-2019

How The Grinch Scrooged Christmas
Listen 12-04-2019

What To Do When You Feel Like Grumbling
Listen 11-27-2019

Chick-fil-A Gone Cuckoos
Listen 11-20-2019

Beth Moore Is Not Among The Prophets
Listen 11-13-2019

Is Kanye Among The Prophets?
Listen 11-05-2019

Disqualifying Sins, Osuna, Celebrities, and Pastors
Listen 10-30-2019

Christians and Cannabis
Listen 10-23-2019

A Modest Proposal
Listen 10-15-2019

Are Some Cultures Better Than Others?
Listen 10-11-2019

Greta Thunberg And The Children Revolt
Listen 9-24-2019

Anthony, The Liturgical Queer
Listen 9-18-2019

Dave Chapelle’s Orthodoxy
Listen 9-11-2019

One Big Freewheeling Section!
Listen 9-4-2019

The Commodification of Andrew Luck
Listen 8-27-2019

Justice and Jeffrey Epstein
Listen 8-13-2019

Josh Harris
Listen 7-30-2019

"Bee" Like Jesus and Not Offend Anyone
Listen 7-17-2019

Can Christians Be Patriots?
Listen 7-9-2019

Mice In A Room Full Of Elephants
Listen 7-3-2019

Social Engineering and Education
Listen 6-12-2019

Existential Crisis
Listen 6-5-2019

What's Wrong With Being A Gay Christian?
Listen 5-29-2019

Listen 5-21-2019

Are Parents Responsible For Their Children's Sin?
Listen 5-8-2019

Resurrection, Self Righteousness, and Socialism
Listen 4-23-2019

Blind Spots, Anti-Vax, and Unschooling
Listen 3-26-2019

Presbytery Shenanigans
Listen 3-20-2019

Against Socialism And Apology Mad World
Listen 3-12-2019

Man Sues Parents
Listen 2-20-2019

Rich And Poor; Songs For Our Life
Listen 2-13-2019

Satan, Social Media and The 5 Things We Do Everyday
Listen 1-24-2019

Once A Man, Twice A Child And are The Clemson Tigers an Example of Toxic Masculinity
Listen 1-15-2019

I'm Dreaming Of A Woke Christmas
Listen 12-19-2018

Christmas Goodies
Listen 12-14-2018

Evangelicals And The Two Party System, Queen
Listen 11-7-2018

Women, Deacons, Cuddling Cows and Kicking Cats
Listen 11-1-2018

Don't Forget To Forgive And Don't Forgive To Forget, And Why Cats Are From The Devil
Listen 10-29-2018

Mission Tension, Political Tension, Themyscira, and Old White QB's
Listen 10-18-2018

Sins Of The Past, When Good Theology Meets Bad Practice and Rom-Coms
Listen 9-19-2018

Free Speech, Socialism and Tooth Fairy Letters
Listen 8-30-2018

Cults and 'Pick Two'
Listen 8-23-2018

Suicide, Happy Things and More Happy Things
Listen 8-16-2018

The End Of The World, Divorce and The Morals Of Chess
Listen 8-3-2018

Church Is Good For You, Adulting, and Church Signs
Listen 7-26-2018

GA Bytes, Interview with Dominique Aquilla, Coach of Thailand Boys Soccer Team Rescued
Listen 7-19-2018

GA Bytes and VBS
Listen 7-12-2018

The Law, Polygamy and Weed
Listen 7-6-2018

GA Bytes Featuring Interviews From The 46th General Assembly
Listen 7-5-2018

Bible Verses In Jeopardy, Loop Is Angsty, And The Slap Heard 'Round The World
Listen 6-28-2018

Revoice Conference
Listen 6-21-2018

Obituary Revenge and Presidential What If's
Listen 6-14-2018

PCA Polls, Pastor's Jets, and Lebron the GOAT
Listen 6-7-2018

30 Year-Old Home-Body, Anthem Fatigue and Taco Shack
Listen 5-31-2018

Israel and the Church and favorite bible verses of non-Christians
Listen 5-24-2018

Heretics and Heresy And The Meaning of 'Swinging a Cat'
Listen 5-17-2018

Beth Moore
Listen 5-10-2018

Social FOMO, and Cheech and Chong
Listen 5-3-2018

The Pope, Kanye West and Lebron James
Listen 4-26-2018

It's The Cows
Listen 4-19-2018

What God Thinks of You, and Han Solo
Listen 4-12-2018

Pope, Kathie Lee Gifford and Cambridge Analytic
Listen 4-5-2018

Voting and Morality
Listen 3-22-2018

Living Biblically and The Good Place
Listen 3-15-2018

Polarizing Gospel in a Polarizing Society
Listen 3-1-2018

Gun Violence, Billy Graham
Listen 02-22-2018

Justin Timberlake Being Cannibalized
Listen 02-15-2018

The Case of The 9-Year-Old Boy Trapped In A Man’s Body, the Super Bowl
Listen 02-8-2018

Islam and Muslims
Listen 02-1-2018

January 11, 2018
Listen 01-11-2018

December 14, 2017
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December 7, 2017
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November 30, 2017
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November 23, 2017
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November 16, 2017
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November 16, 2017
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November 9, 2017
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November 2, 2017
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October 26, 2017
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October 12, 2017
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October 5, 2017
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September 28, 2017
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September 14, 2017
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September 7, 2017
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August 31, 2017
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August 3, 2017
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July 27, 2017
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July 20, 2017
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July 3, 2017
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June 26, 2017
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